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Dar Pa Dar (Where The Heart Lies)

All through history, when there was a war most of the victims were soldiers. But, in recent conflicts across the globe most of the casualties have been civilians.

In 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Civilians suffered the most. Eighty percent of the casualties of small arms were women and children, far outnumbering military casualties.

For a quarter of a century, kings and presidents, mullahs and mujahids, super powers and their allies; all played the game of power in Afghanistan.

We are now told that peace is there to stay. But an entire generation of women cannot find even the strength to stand on their two feet, let alone walk back to Afghanistan.  Old wounds and poverty run deep. Rebuilding the lives of this lost generation will take much more than just brick and mortar.

Dar pa Dar looks at the lives that suffered in the background, while others made it to the front pages.

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