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Swara - The Human Shield 
Ethnomedia conducted a qualitative and quantitative research on the custom of Swara in two districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The study is an effort to analyse the custom of Swara in the light of Pukhtunwali. It is an effort to discuss the issue holistically. The aim is to explore the extent and depth of Swara and perceptions of the society that perpetuates it, by documenting case studies. This is envisaged at breaking the silence and bringing the attention of opinion and policy makers towards taking concrete measures.

Compensation Marriages - Media Kit
Any well thought out media initiative to educate the law enforcement agencies, media and public will positively complement the pro-women legislations and a judicial activism that has taken up the issue of 'Swara' and 'Vani'. It will help in changing mindsets of not only the general audiences but also the other key stakeholders in different parts of Pakistan.

The aim of the kit is to sensitize around the issue of compensation marriages in Pakistan among different relevant audiences and stakeholders through developing and disseminating the advocacy material. The kit is being used to conduct awareness sessions on the available laws and customary practices for relevant stakeholders (law enforcement agencies, media etc) for the effective implementation.

Resource Material

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