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Compensation Marriages

(Swara, Vanni, Sang Chatti, Irjaai or Bhaan) Very often when there is a murder or a dispute, girls are given as compensation to the aggrieved party as reparation. The murderer gets away with this crime and one, or even more girls have to pay the price of the crime for the rest of their lives.

Compensation marriages are widely accepted as a way of keeping the peace between tribes and families. However, under-aged girls torn from their homes in the manner often end up systematically abused and forced into a life of virtual slavery in the homes of their enemies.

Ethnomedia has developed advocacy material to raise awareness on the issue. The aim is to break the silence and advocate for effective legislation:

  • It works with government and non-government organizations to reach out for lasting solutions.
  • At grass roots level a large number of communities have been reached out with the help of local Community Based Organizations
  • A large audience reached out via television and mass media
  • Reached out to thousands of young people at the University and College level
  • Trained police, judiciary, media regarding available legal protection to victims of Compensation Marriages
  • Developed innovative communication's material for advocacy and awareness raising.

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