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Homeless at home (Bajour)

It is a 17 minutes long documentary highlighting the impacts of military operation and US strikes in Bajaur on the lives of women and children. The aim of the short documentary is to give a human face to the experiences faced by the internally displaced people of Bajaur.

It brings forth some of the moving stories shared by refugees at a camp near Peshawar. A woman had to leave her two children in Bajaur to tend to the animals while the woman and other family members had to flee. Nihar (8) and her brother (9) have risked their lives to protect the only means of income of the family amidst bombings and devastation.

It is poverty and lack of development in the tribal areas that forces people to choose between their children and livestock.

Another Abdur Rehman lost his 4 year old daughter and a niece to cholera due to unhygienic conditions in the camps. They could not take the two bodies back home for burial.

Indeed, innocent civilians are facing the brunt of the war against terror. By the time we get to the militants one hopes that an entire generation is not lost. 

The Bajaur Guloona refers to the children of Bajaur who can be the real peace makers of tomorrow.

In the given conditions they are facing one wonders what will make of their lives and future. What path will they choose if today they experience the silence and insensitivity of the outside world towards their agony and plight.

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